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‘Byrne Trailers have been at the forefront of livestock trailer development for over four decades. 

Our innovative approach has delivered many benefits to the livestock transport industry. 

The latest Byrne innovation is the use of Stainless Steel.

The corrosion resistance of Stainless Steel is well known, however the most common Stainless Steel alloys are optimised for appearance and malleability. 

Byrne have searched the world for a Stainless Steel alloy that is suitable for Australian Livestock Trailer applications. 

The right Stainless Steel has been chosen by us to do the job.

A material with the same strength and ductility as the carbon steel we have been using for decades, but is virtually rust free, with corrosion rates around 250 times slower than carbon steel.

The economics of Livestock Trailer ownership will be revolutionised by Stainless Steel construction.

Byrne Stainless Steel is the Future of Livestock Trailers.

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