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4 weeks ago

Byrne Trailers

Latest delivery for O’Sullivans Transport Elmore. 4x2 Single Trailer, thanks to Sam and the team at O’Sullivans 👍 ...


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Looks like a crate from the 80s 👎

You been on your knees agian? Whetu 🤣🤣

Mark Wingfield who is going in this one

Mark Rieniets where’s the nose cone ?

Matty Gray

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Byrne Trailers QLD Facebook

Accident rebuild pick up today for Andrew & Ange Mills, back straight and ready to go back to work. Great job by the Byrne repair team at Byrne Trailer Manufacturing QLD 👍 ...


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Wouldn’t this almost be ridden off , looks good but you’ll get a second hand one cheaper than costs of rebuild

Any second hand ones for sale?

Shane Gervasoni montegue st bridge

Beautiful 👍

Luke Miller surely a little bit of wheel silver would have finished off the job spot on 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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This great looking 6 Deck unit built at our Factory in Toowoomba being delivered this morning hooked up into a B-Triple to head south for Welke Transport from Blythe in SA, great job done by the team at our QLD factory.
Big thank you to Rohan & Alex 👍


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Its not 6 decks

Don’t see how it is 6 decks when there is only 3 on a bdouble, extra a trailer will only make it 4 decks

I think Ron just shed a tear 🤣🤣 Rohan Welke......

Steph Edwards

Should just be a road train 2 trailers same thing 🤔

Nick Borzo new trailers

Nice wheels

Gary Kneebone no kelpie dog box

Gary Kneebone load home?

Well done team looks the part 👌🏽

Anyone tagged Gary Kneebone yet?

Matt Murrell

Nice set up but you spend all that money & i don't understand why they wouldn't put through load on the front trailer & load through on the back trailer plus a ring feeder ANYWAY their go ay

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